Saturday, October 13, 2007

Top 5 blogger for me....

1. Venessa Lloren
2. Chezalou Ann Batulan
3. Aiza Marie Tamonan
4. Arnie Trumata
5. Asel Reyes

" Lesson I've learn in Computer 1"

The lesson I've learn in computer one is of course about computer, the part of it, how to use it then we go to kinds of blogs, disadvantages and advantages of E-commerce, how we can have money by blogging and how to create a blog. For me the hardest part of the lesson of Mam. Pinon is the binary, octal, and hexadecimal number system maybe its hard for me cause it has a number (haha..) And about banking system its a little bit easy but its also a little bit hard. And about the blog activity is a great idea by this, we can share our experience through internet and we can have our grade with matching having fun. This knowledge that shared by Mam. Pinon will never forgotten by her students and I'm included with

Hey..Guyz! this is my college life..n_n..

About my college life, at first I'm so ashamed and so afraid because I feel like everybody staring at me. I don't know why I'm feeling like that, maybe because it a new surrounding and of course new people that I need to be with. But when I've met Aiza and just a click I feel like I know her very well she's easy to approach and fun to be with then the next person that I've met is Cheza "the joker" she's so
funny(haha..) and of course she's also a nice girl. Then the bonding day with my classmate start when we assigned to dance a interpretative dance for "Buwan ng Wika" in every practice that we attend the deeply know each other and more lot of fun, even if we got a bad luck like our instructor get mad with us and the CD didn't play we still survive and we still performed with the help of Ronald. Thanks to him...And now the journey of my college life still go on and it's only a beginning I hope I will see you again guys in the next semester take care.


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pamilya At Pag-ibig

Ako si Venessa Lloren labing anim na taong gulang may kursong Bachelor of Science and Business Administration. Pinanganak ako sa Marikina at dito narin ako lumaki. May dalawa akong kapatid isang lalaki (panganay namin) isang babae (ate ko) at ako naman ang bunso dapat talaga apat kami at ate na sana ako kaya lang nakunan ang Mama ko at muntik pang mamatay pitong taon na sana ang bunso namin pero siguro ayaw ni Papa Jesus na maging apat kami kasi siguro naisip niya mahirap ang buhay kaya hanggang tatlo lang talaga ang dapat maging anak nila Papa..Hmmm...sabi na iba sunod sa luho ang mga bunso pero hindi naman totoo yun mas gusto ko pa ngang maging ate para may utusan din ako (hehehe...) kasi naman nung matatanda laging utusan ang mas bata (hmm...aminin totoo di ba?)
Dumako naman tayo sa kasalukuyang buhay ko medyo dalaga na ako (medyo lang kasi naman mukha daw akong Nene sabi nila kaya nga nag-lalagay na ako na kolorete sa mukha para masabi naman nila na mukha na akong nasa kolehiyo) meron na rin akong mahalagang tao sa buhay bukod sa pamilya ko isang taon at apat na buwan na kami hindi ko nga akalain na magtatagal kami ng ganon pero kahit medyo matagal na kami ayoko paring umasa na siya na( pero sana siya na ang gulo ko ba?) kasi naman ang hirap kayang umabot ng ganitong katagal marami narin kaming pinag-daanan tampuhan dito, tampuhan don, may babae dito, may babae don, selos dito, selos don malaking HAY!!! minsan nga nakakapagod na parang paulit-ulit nalang umabot na nga kami sa isang buwan na hiwalayan noong unang buwan ng taon dahil sa isang babae HAY NAKU........ nakakainis isipin pero ayon bumalik siya at hindi ko natiis......... sa ngayon okey lang ang buhay-buhay at sana laging may liwanag ang buhay..............("Parang linya yun sa commercial ahh..")